Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics is a hot topic right now. 
Its a very exciting field considering the incredible speed's we can now achieve at distances of up to even 3000 Km.

Modern techniques even allow us to use a single fibre to carry numerous circuits over them greatly increasing the efficiency of your trunk lines.
We can assist you with setting up a community, Installing city wide infrastructure or simply solving the problems of getting data across a large compound.
We can also take care of in building distributed systems.
Do you need help troubleshooting your circuits? 
We can help.
Do you need additional linesmen for a large project?
We can help


Choosing the best hardware for the job if critical. Whether your starting up on a tight budget or looking to increase your capabilities we can find the solution for you.


Collating your existing servers into a small cluster of virtual machines offers you not only savings in space & utility costs. It also adds redundancy and easy remote access.


Clean Reliable power is absolutely critical if you wish to provide a service with minimal downtime. This means you need a power system you can not only rely on but checkup on at a glance

Fault Notification

Regardless of the amount of equipment we can help you choose a solution for monitoring your systems. Be it a full blown ISP or Co Located Data center we can help keep a finger on the pulse of your network.


Do you need someone to monitor your network for you?
We've got you covered. We also offer remote monitoring & emergency response services 

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