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Distributed Commercial WiFi

Trailer Parks

Do you own a Trailer Park?

Working professionals and recreationist's alike both need HighSpeed Internet. Whether its the business owner escaping the city to work in a more relaxing environment or the want to watch Netflix or IpTv on rainy days. Being able to provide great internet access to your guests is not only an asset to your park. Its also a great source of income. Multi tiered wireless networks are a great way to offer free basic guest services or business class HighSpeed. This is also a great way to get network availability for cameras & other necessary gear right across your park.

Campus WiFi

We now live in a connected world.
Social media, Research sources, Online libraries, Documentaries & General entertainment all rely on the Internet.
The world has also gotten much smaller bringing all of us together. Teachers teaching from around the world, Home offices. It all needs good internet access.
We have access to a wide variety of campus WiFi solutions which will connect your students to the world.

With the management systems available now we can ensure you take control over your network.


Everyone deserves a vacation. Don't you?

Providing Great HighSpeed Internet for your guests allows them to keep in touch while they're taking a break from it all. People tend to seek out resorts that have good WiFi for this reason.
A huge added benefit to having a strong network across your resort is the added ability to use WiFi based cordless phone for staff. With a strong network you can also add devices across your network like Ip Phones, Cameras ^ so much more to save you money and make things easier to manage.

Metro WiFi

Public WiFi & HotSpot's are a must in any bustling cityscape.
Whether its tourists coming to enjoy the sights & sounds or the locals enjoying a Late' on a patio having great Public WiFi can greatly enhance people experience. Using a captive portal system you can keep track of who's using what & when. You can also offer paid tiers for those visiting from out of town so they can stay connected with loved ones or their business. 
We can even offer city wide network development for Security, Telecom & Scada. 

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