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Everyone needs someone to go to who they can rely on to have the answers. This is what we bring to the table. Through continuing education & a thumb on the pulse of the telecommunications industry we can  find a solution to anything you can imagine from advanced routing & fail over to Off grid Sites to Long Distance High Throughput radio links. We work closely with many professionals spanning many fields and work closely with local shops to help support our community. We  have access to all the resources, vendors & contacts you need to build your company & push it to new heights. Feel free to give us a call and see what we can bring to the table.

What We Offer

Telecommunication tower with copy space.


For years we've been repairing commercial & carrier electronics ranging from simple power supplies to radios & routers. Repairing your tech is the best way to minimize downtime while saving money.

Best Practices Applied

Technology is constantly evolving whether its Radio Tech, Routers, Switches or Software. Quickly adapting these new technologies adds the speed & reliability you need to keep a competitive edge in the market. We're constantly researching and updating our practices to take advantage of the latest technology.

Minimize Downtime

Downtime is not something anyone wants in the world of IOT. Preventing outages & reacting in a quick manner when they arise is critical to a good customer experience. Through good site practices this can be achieved. Environmental Control, Power management, Grounding, Redundancy & Remote Monitoring Downtime can be reduced or completely eliminated.

Reliable Power is essential

Be it an Grid Connected full DC Plant or an Off Grid site powered by wind or solar we've got you covered.
With over a decade of Dc Power system's experience we've learned a few tricks along the way. We can develop a solution to meet any of your needs or upgrade & maintain your existing systems. 


Get Connected

Do you need campus coverage to ensure your students can work in comfort?
Or do you wish to provide WiFi coverage in your town for tourism & city staff?
We've got you covered. We can also handle Resort & Trailer park WiFi with multiple tiers allowing not only free access for guests but Premium Access for business clients or heavy users. 

Mission Critical

Intercommunication across large compounds for running critical equipment like PLC, Scada or plant management is not only necessary but critical for safe & efficient operations. In mining having a reliable network for environmental monitoring, employee safety & general communications doesn't have to be complicated. We can design & deploy a network then hand it over to you for in house management.

Own your link's

Metro fibre can sometimes be out of reach with the cost's associated with deployment. Installing a wireless Point to Point link between your building can not only save you money but also provide the speeds you need while keeping the infrastructure part of your personal network. New technology can hit speeds of more than 10 Gbps.

High Bandwidth 

Whether you need to connect building's on a large compound or high throughput networks within your building we have you covered. With an in house Fibre Optics technician we can Design, Deploy & Repair optical infrastructure. We work with Fibre to the home, Industrial & Long Haul High Throughput trunking saving you time & money

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